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I'm sneaking this one in just before midnight.

I was hoping to have something happen during the stream that would inspire a post but yeah, I've been watching Rooster Teeth's twenty four hour livestream since two o'clock this afternoon (eight am Austin time.)

I love this event each year, not only is it super entertaining and heartwarming that they're all putting in the effort for charity, but the charity itself has grown from being a thing that Penny Arcade set up to provide video games and consoles to hospitals to now building they Children's Miracle Network and enacting real, palpable change and help for all sorts of paediatric care.

I'm really impressed this year that they're highlighting the benefits mental health care can have on young people.

Rooster Teeth's fundraising goal this year is $1.25m and right now, ten hours in they're at about $650k, so they should be able to smash that goal and that is amazing.

They do this while having a lot of silliness going on on the stream, it's really entertaining. If you read this before two pm GMT on November 11th head over HERE to check it out.

And if you want to donate, you can at any time right HERE

I really hope to be a more active participant in the charity event next year.

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