• James Hewlett

Let's Drive To Brighton On The...Tuesday?

Today we took a day trip down to Brighton. I've never been and Sara only had very limited exposure to the place while helping launch a site down there last year.

It was really cool. I knew we would like it, from everything I'd heard it seemed like the kind of town we'd like. It's definitely got a hipster vibe to it. We stayed relatively close to the front, wandered through the lanes and checked out a bunch of the quirky little shops. I resisted buying anything in a great board game shop despite finding a copy of a game I've been looking for for a year now and never being able to get. We also happened upon a small art gallery that was doing a Star Wars showcase at the time and saw a bunch of really cool pieces.

We walked past a bunch of good looking Japanese places to eat that took our fancy at lunch time but we weren't really hungry yet. Typically we were ready to eat right between service times and a lot of the coolest looking places were closed. I'd say we settled but that would do a massive disservice to the pizza joint we ended up going to. It was delicious!

After that places were starting to close up, it seemed really early but I guess out of season five o'clock is pretty typical for what is essentially a beach town. We decided to take a walk town the pier despite everything but the arcade being closed. Then we headed home.

It was a nice day out. We didn't have a particular agenda, we didn't really spend any money other than food, a couple of drinks and parking, but we had fun just exploring.

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