• James Hewlett

Lazy Preparations

I've not really done a whole lot again today. More Red Dead mostly. Sara was a busy bum sowing cushion cases for work and had to swing up there again to sort some stuff out... so much for a week off for her!

I just started giving the house a bit of a tidy up though as Ed is on his way so we needed to table clear, which meant also clearing the spare room, which meant putting laundry away, yada yada. All sorted now though.

Todays picture, for any normal board game would be the whole thing. Not Gloomhaven though, no, for Gloomhaven this is just what you do before you even start setting up the game. It's nuts and I love it.

Tomorrows post will probably be brief too as we'll be playing for as much of the day as we can, but I'm really intending to put some good content out there next week. I don't have any excuses about not having time.

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