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Ed arrived last night and after getting set up to play a game Sara got a call from work with an emergency that needed attending to... two out of three for the weekend.

So we packed that up and while Sara was out Ed and I played a couple of other things we’d not had a chance to yet. It was good fun.

This morning, well, by the time we were up and then had cooked pancakes and waited for Ed to rouse himself it was gone midday but whatever, we finally got back into our Gloomhaven campaign.

By the time we were done with our first game though a nasty combination of exhaustion, the cold the I’m just kicking finally catching up to her and a sugar crash from the pancakes did a number on Sara and she was feeling like shit.

She went for a lay down and Ed and I played some more Netrunner.

Android: Netrunner is a cyber-punk themed card game I've been interested in for a while, Sara and I played a couple of games but it wasn't for her and by that time the game was so established that it was quite intimidating for a newbie.

The main reason she didn't get on with it is all the very specific vocabulary it uses. You don't have a draw deck or discard pile, you have a heap and a stack or R&D and trash depending on which side you play for instance. It's a completely asymmetrical game, both sides play very differently in opposition to each other.

I had a feeling Ed would be into it and I was totally right. We both had a lot of fun with it.

Unfortunately we didn’t end up getting another game in today but we didn’t fully pack Gloomhaven away as, if Sara is feeling better tomorrow, Rutter and Liv are interested in learning to play it which would be great for us as it gives us a much more frequent couple of people to play with and progress though this gargantuan game.

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