• James Hewlett

Trade Frenzy

We don’t have a trade deadline in our fantasy football league. Not this year at least.

It’s an idea that’s been floated around but we’ve not implemented it yet. Maybe we will next year.

That said last night felt like trade deadline day. I personally made a few big trades over the course of the week with I think no less than three happening last night.

At one point I had about five different conversations going with various negotiations and my laptop bouncing back and forth between tabs looking at stats and picks and assessing value of trades. It was all really quite exciting!

At the end of the day I don’t necessarily think my team has vastly improved, I picked up a couple of good players, one a bonafide superstar, but I also traded away some top guys in other trades.

But I’ve not lowered my chances of success and I’ve put myself on a good footing at next years draft or left myself some good collateral for trades later this season if I’m really in contention.

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