• James Hewlett


I was doing the house husband thing today while Sara was at work. I started watching Survivor Series while doing all the dishes that had built up over the weekend and then continued to as I carried on painting minis.

It was a really good show, better than any main roster PPV has been in a while in my opinion. Maybe that's because I had no expectations going in though.

It was hilarious to spot Kinda Funny's Greg Miller in the front row and to hear him yelling at Brock Lesnar during the final match. To the point where the former UFC champion literally looked at him, told him to shut up and could be seen calling him a mother fucker under his breath. Brilliant!

When that was over I played a little Red Dead, shocking I know, but then felt like doing something more productive.

So I baked some brownies!

They're really tasty too. I can't go into the kitchen at the moment without having a piece.

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