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Happy thanksgiving everybody.

This is definitely my favourite holiday of the year.

Take away the historic side of it, that doesn’t matter to any other holiday so it doesn’t need to matter for this one. The point of thanksgiving is right there in the name and it’s a really good one.

It’s not about presents, hell there are zero expectations for giving or receiving gifts on thanksgiving. It’s not even super important to be with friends and family in person I don’t think. It’s just a good day to appreciate those people and those that you’re closest to.

I love having a nice big thanksgiving dinner, we’ve done them ourselves in the past, gone to other people’s and even been to see what a pub over heres attempt was like (feeble.) unfortunately Sara has to work all day today so we’re not doing any thanksgiving festivities.

But there is always football. Three games in recent years, back to back from early evening until way past my bed time. So tonight that is what I will be doing.

I’d rather be having turkey, glazed ham and snips, yams, sweet potato mash, spiced crunchy sprouts and everything else followed up with some pumpkin pie... but instead I’ll probably order a pizza.

Happy thanksgiving everybody. I’m thankful for all of you.

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