• James Hewlett

Old Age Must Suck

We went to see my grandma at lunch time today. It was only a short visit for a few reasons; Sara had work, it is hard damn work getting conversation out of her these days and the meeting with social services went longer than expected.

My mum, who is not my grandma's daughter bear in mind and really doesn't have any obligation to do all the things she does to make sure she's looked after whatsoever, was there for the meeting with the person who was determining if she needs to stay in the care home my mum found for her on if she can get her way and go home.

It's difficult because that's all she wants, but we all know that if she does go home all thats going to happen is she'll fall down again, or not be properly cared for, yada yada, basically she's likely to be dead within a year.

In the nice home my mum got sorted for her, where she's been for the past six weeks after spending over a month in hospital, she's taken care of and could probably keep going until she hit one hundred in four years time.

I'm not going to go into all the ins and outs, but it's got to the stage where we're all in agreement that, hey, if she wants to go home, let her go home. She won't let it go otherwise and is still cognisant enough to put on a performance and claim to be able to take care of herself at home around the right people despite not remembering who Sara was at first today and just recently not remembering that my dad, her only child, died nearly twenty years ago.

So we managed to get it pushed until after xmas but then the plan is to let her be sent home with a bunch of care packages in place again. Just like last time... There's not a lot else to be done. Ninety five/ninety six is a pretty good run though. I hope I never get to that age unless technology has advanced enough.

This post seemed like a real downer, it wasn't intended to. Hey, I did a nice thing today and went and saw my grandma. There we go, thats better.

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