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The Thing about Young Guns

I’ve watched a couple of older movies over the last few days.

The Thing is a movie I’ve always had on my list of shame and known I should get round to watching.

It was really good, as I was watching it I was struggling to think of what to write though and it’s not got any easier. If you’re interested in the movie you’ve probably already seen it. If you’re not interested in it, you probably won’t like it.

I also watched a movie from my youth that I haven’t seen in years. Young Guns 2 is on Prime at the moment, the first one isn’t, but they’re from different studios/distribution companies so it’s not totally unusual.

I would argue that the first movie is genuinely really good. It’s always billed as, “the brat pack western,” but it’s more than just that. It’s a really good abridged version of the Lincoln County War and has a lot more historically accurate than I ever thought.

The second film probably isn’t actually a good movie. I can’t be objectionable about it though as both were favourites of mine as a kid and I still think of them very fondly.

I also have a soft spot for young Christian Slater roles and Cameron Fry from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Plus the three returning cast members are great and work so well together.

I was also definitely in the right mood for a not too serious western adventure after playing tons of Red Dead. Oh yeah I’ve finished the main story now and am in the second part of the epilogue.

Right, the NFL is very fun at the moment and my game doesn’t even start for an hour. Back to work tomorrow morning. Later. Oh yeah, todays picture is of one of our fish who I'm pretty sure has special needs and needs reminding that he needs to swim to breath and shouldn't try to get his head stuck in things.

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