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Here I Go Again On My Own

A power ballad from Whitesnake seems like an appropriate title for today.

Sara's car broke down on Friday night when she was about to come home from work. So she took one of her hotel rooms and stayed there and got breakdown to come and sort it out while she was working the next day. He did a quick fix and it should have been fine, it was just miss firing. Apparently it felt a little weird on the drive home Saturday, but nothing too major.

Sunday morning rolls around, six thirty in the morning, her car is not starting at all on our drive. Here comes breakdown once again. Meanwhile we're making a plan. She's going to get to town, either by cab or by my car... which is still showing a warning light but I'll get to that shortly.

Funnily enough, it's the same breakdown dude as Saturday, so he already knows roughly what's up. This time though it's pretty fucked. The cam belt is still okay, but it seems as though the cam shaft has gone. Not a cheap or easy fix. It's also Sunday so there are no garages open to take it to so another callout is booked to pick it up today, Monday, and take it to a garage for further inspection.

While he was there I got him to have a quick look at mine and check to see if there were any engine fault codes. Thankfully there wasn't so I'm going under the assumption that it is to do with the VSC warning light, a computer assisted break system. Not a lot I can do about it until I get paid on Wednesday and then have a day off to get it looked at. I know I need some new tyres anyway so I'll check my break pads at the same time. If it's still showing a warning then I'll have to get it properly checked but it is driving okay at the moment, I'm just taking it very easy and using it as little as possible.

So I took Sara to the station, she'd packed a bag so she had some spare clothes and whatnot too. She stayed there last night because she has five thirty starts today and tomorrow morning and, as of writing this I haven't heard what the garage have said, I'm presuming she's staying there tonight as well.

It fucking sucks.

I've barely seen Sara this past week and a half due to issues with work and now issues with her car. She's off on Wednesday so we'll get that evening together, but I hate her not being able to be at home when she wants to be.

Hopefully it can get sorted soon and things will start to get back to normality.... just in time for a hectic few weeks before xmas.

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