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Shut Up & Sit Down

One of my favourite websites recently has been Shut Up & Sit Down. They’re a site that covers board games, card games, rpgs, miniatures games and everything in between.

They do news, reviews, features as written pieces, podcasts, most famously their video work and in the last couple of years live at their own convention, SHUX.

Quinns, Matt and their now former colleague Paul, along with the rest of their small team have such unique voices in journalism and make everything they do fun. Their opinions on things vary and they’re not afraid to go against the grain of what’s hot but everything they put out is done so with positivity, even when they’re reviewing a game they don’t particularly like. In a world so mired in hostility and negativity I think that’s really important and refreshing.

So, I was on the site the other day reading the always funny news column and I noticed a post detailing an internship initiative they’re running next year.

I instantly thought it was a great idea and felt jealous of the fresh faced young person or people who end up doing that.

Then, when I read that it was a paid internship and part time I started thinking, shit, why not me!

Sure, these guys are all around my age and have been doing this for years but it’s never too late to try your hand at something you think you might love.

They’re looking for people who have at least a little bit of experience and any of the fields they deal with and a passion for what is essentially ‘they’re product.’

Enjoyment of board games - check.

Writing experience - check.

Podcasting experience - check.

Performing in front of a camera or audience - check.

Video production - not for a long time but check.

I feel like I kind of tick all the boxes, at least partially, and they’re looking for people they can teach and help develop these skills so they might be useful to them in the future.

They’re not guaranteeing a job or even freelance work at the end of the internship or anything like that, but there is a much better chance of it by going through a programme like this.

The problem comes with practically.

Sure it’s a paid internship, but I can’t imagine it would be particularly well paid and I can’t afford to not be earning full time money.

If there was the chance of doing that for a while and taking a sort of sabbatical from my regular job I’d be all over it, but I don’t know if I could afford to do that.

I’d be okay with working part time at my job for a while as well as part time with the internship, but I’d have to see if that worked logistically.

All of that is beside the point if I don’t get it though.

They’re taking applications though the end of January in the form of a short video produced about a board game. It doesn’t have to be a review and they don’t want people to just copy their style, hell it doesn’t even have to be good. They’re just looking for people they think they could work with.

I really think I could do that. I have an idea for a video already, I just need to work out some details.

I think I should at least give it a shot. The logistics can be looked at and arranged if it is required at a later time, but I think in writing this I’ve convinced myself further that I want to at least try.

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