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No Pants Dance

Near the end of 1999 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was released on the PlayStation and helped shape a generation, my generation.

The series had all sorts of highs and lows but it wasn’t the games themselves that had the biggest cultural impact, it was the soundtracks.

I could talk about how the music was in each of those early games but I don’t want to talk about Goldfinger’s Superman or Dead Kennedy’s Police Truck today.

No, because you see I didn’t play THPS in October when it came out in the UK. I didn’t play it when it in September when it was first released in the US. I played it some time between July and August while my brother was home from DJing on cruise ships all around the world. Back then games would often leak early and pirate copies were prevalent in the markets of Hong Kong and sold for no more than 50p each. So Jon had everything, including a full version of the soon to be released skateboarding game from Neversoft studios.

I say full game, but it actually would crash pretty consistently during and especially after the shopping mall level.

The other difference was the soundtrack. A lot of it was the same, but there was a few tracks that were in the copy we had but not in the final release anywhere in the world. I’m not sure if they were removed due to licensing issues or if they were only ever intended to be placeholders, but I have distinct memories of one particular track.

I have no idea what it was actually called or who it was by and despite nearly twenty years of searching I have never ever found it again. I just know the chorus of this punk rock track repeated the line, “I, I’ve got no pants.”

I’m pretty certain the song was called No Pants.

If anyone knows it please let me know! I’d love to hear it again and see if it’s actually any good or if I just remember it fondly because I was twelve.

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