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Today's post is going to be short, not because I can't be bothered to write but because I've been writing a lot of other stuff instead.

I love board games but I've never really had an inclination at designing one at all. No more than saying, "Oh wouldn't it be cool if this..." Or, "You could totally re-skin this as that..."

I did have a very loose idea for a game a little while back though and while I was driving to my first job this morning more solid thoughts about it started popping into my head; actual mechanics and design ideas other than simply a theme or concept. I was so inspired that when I got to my first stop I had to take a few notes straight away just incase I forgot anything.

So that's part of what I've been doing this evening, fleshing out some of those ideas a little more. I've also asked Ed if he's free at any point over the weekend, jump into a multiplayer game and chat so that I can bounce my ideas around with him. He's been interested in designing games for a while so will be the best person for me to talk to about it at this stage.

On a similar front, I've started working on a script for the video I'm going to submit to Shut Up & Sit Down for their internships next year. I was telling Sara all about it over dinner at the pub the other night and I was really jazzed about it and she was super encouraging.

I've also been catching up with my best friend Sam. Her and James have two awesome little boys and it was Jake's sixth birthday today. I saw a video they posted and it make me chuckle as I have really distinct memories of my sixth birthday. It was quite a memorable one.

I don't catch up with Sam nearly as much as I should but I love knowing that at any point either of us can shoot a message over to the other and we can pick up a conversation as if we hadn't stopped weeks or months ago.

Good friends are hard to come by, best friends even more so.

I've started using song titles for blog titles if I don't have a specific one for that days post... Today is a prime example.

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