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Car Follow Up

I dropped my car off at Toyota this morning and walked round to work. I knew it was unlikely to be a cheap fix so when the guy called and let me know that the hybrid battery needed totally replacing I wasn't particularly surprised. I enquired about payment options and he said he would have a look, knock together a proper quote and send it over to me.

While I was waiting for that I did a little looking around online and found that A, no one else locally did that kind of replacement and B, there was a guy from London who was mobile and could 'repair' batteries for about half the price by replacing just the faulty cell(s), but when I looked into that option everywhere that I read about it said it was a band-aid solution at best, especially as my car is fourteen years old! Oh and he got my name wrong, despite it being clearly written in my message to him so fuck that guy.

So when Toyota got back to me good news started coming in. They have a 0% interest drive now pay later option, so I can pay for the repairs over a few months with manageable amounts.

They had ordered the parts needed already and they'd be there Wednesday, but in the mean time, if I'm just going to and from work I won't be doing any damage to anything by driving it. This solved the problem I was going to have of getting to work. So that's where we're at with that, I'm dropping it in before work first thing Wednesday morning and it'll be ready to roll by the time I'm finished. Fourteen years old with a brand new battery. Barring anything major wrecking it, this car should be with me for a good long while.

I knew we'd bottomed out last week and things were on the up.

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