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Old Favourites

I've been a fan of Barenaked Ladies for a long, long time. I've heard pretty much everything they've ever released. Met them a couple of times and even got them to include a, "Happy Birthday," to my mum in one of their live medleys.

Thats why it was such a surprise to me recently when I was looking at their discography on Apple Music, something I've never done up until now as I already had all their releases including random tracks from soundtracks and b-sides. There was a live album I'd never even heard of! Beyond that, it was a really early one too, having been recorded in Toronto back in ninety one when the only studio release they had out was Gordon.

It's the only live album I've heard with Andy Creegan still part of the line up too which was really interesting.

I guess the album just never got a UK release before, I can't understand why it would have slipped through the cracks for me otherwise.

That is just one gem I've dug up recently.

After writing about the 'No Pants' song from our dodgy copy of THPS last week I was scouring the internet trying to find any record of it... It doesn't appear to exist anywhere, but I did find a ton of lists of 'The best songs from Tony Hawk's games' so I used them as a basic and put together an eighty plus track playlist of tunes from those games and it is great!

There's so much good old school punk, nineties and early two thousands rock and metal and a surprisingly large amount of really cool funky hip hop.

I recognised and remembered almost every single track; a lot of them are classics that you hear fairly often but for every one of them there was a hidden nug that I'd not heard since I last played that particular game with the original soundtrack on. It was a fun exercise in rediscovery and an awesome playlist I can throw on whenever. I can see it becoming a favourite for long car rides.

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