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Follow Up Failure & Xmas Prep

I was really proud of how yesterday’s post came out. I’ve had the idea to write that one for some time and made note on it as I thought of them. I had the time on the boat yesterday morning to write it out and then put a bit of effort into finding a decent amount of relevant pictures when I got home.

Some people would roll with a success like that and try to have another substantial entry today... not me though! I see that as my well thought out post for at least this week and I won’t be disappointed with myself if the rest of the month is full of fluff. Keep checking back though. I’ve started planning my posts for Xmas week.

On that same note, today is a day of lots of Xmas prep. Sara went and picked out a nice tree for us. We’ve been using the artificial one she’s had forever since we’ve been together and last year we decided to finally retire it.

So this year we have a real tree! It’s the first one I’ve had since I was very young. We’re not sure yet if this will be an every year thing or if we’ll get a new fake next year, but it’s a nice change.

As I said, I’ve also started planning my posts for Xmas week. I’d like to have them all pre-written and ready to roll so all I have to do is add a picture or two to them on the day.

Last year I did a week of lists, end of year favourites and best of’s, that kind of thing. I’ll probably do something similar again this year but maybe in a slightly different format. We’ll see.

It’s going to be a very chill Xmas for us this year. We haven’t made any plans with friends, we’re seeing family all within the next week or two as everyone is either going away or busy, we’re both working a lot and as we’ve both been a bit tight recently we’re going to keep ourselves on a smaller budget for gifts.

It will still be nice though! It always is.

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