• James Hewlett

A Start

Sara and I have hit a rough patch, that’s why I’ve been so down lately and not been writing much. I’m not going to go fully into it here but just to say that after all the time we’ve been together this is the first bad bump we’ve ever hit. I think that’s pretty good if you look at it with a wide view but it has made it very scary, upsetting and hard for right now.

After talking through a lot last night though I think things are starting to get better. Or, well, maybe not immediately but it will. I know it will.

Bear with me, I’ll get this back up to snuff soon and I’ll go into a bit more detail when I feel like it.

I generally try and be quite open with stuff on here because, while I know you guys are reading, I’ve always said that I’m doing this while thing for me. I’ll get there, but right now I don’t really want to publish it all.

Oh yeah, I saw an awesome sight today, the sun breaking through the clouds with all the rays really visible. It felt totally appropriate as today’s picture but I couldn’t snap it as I was driving down the motorway. I found a stock image instead.

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