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The Elite

Let's talk about something less serious today. Let's talk about some grown men who get paid to throw each other around and tell over the top stories in front of live audiences all around the world.

Let's talk about a few specifically and how they're attempting to change the wrestling industry that has been dominated by a very select few companies and, let's face it, Vince McMahon, for decades.

The Young Bucks - Matt and Nick Jackson have been working the independent, and non-WWE

company wrestling scene for years and have steadily built themselves up a well earned respect and are often cited as the very best tag team in the world. While working for New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honour they joined the hugely popular faction, Bullet Club along with prominent other non-Japanese wrestlers in a Japanese promotion. The line up of the faction chopped and changed over the years but the Bucks were almost always right there.

Also along for the ride for a long time and serving as the groups leader for a few years was Kenny Omega, a super charismatic Canadian who had been living and working in Japan for a long time in his own-right.

The three of them hit it off and dubbed themselves The Elite, a subgroup within Bullet Club.

Ever the creatives, the started a YouTube series, Being The Elite, which started off as a peek behind the curtain and a look at the lives, schedules, travel and work that they put in.

They were soon joined by more of their wrestler friends and the show started becoming a mix of behind the scenes, improv comedy and loosely scripted skits and bits. It's really funny and helped bring in a whole new audience and a fresh look on the business.

A core cast of Being The Elite seemed to naturally come about consisting of The Young Bucks, Omega, former WWE star Cody Rhodes and Ring of Honour rising stars Adam 'Hangman' Page and Marty Scurll, a young British wrestler who until recently lived just down the road in Portsmouth and would often work a lot of the RevPro shows I go to.

Earlier this year the Bucks and Cody spearheaded the largest ever fully independent wrestling event selling out a ten thousand seat arena in half an hour. It was a great success and they were able to negotiate deals with all sorts of promotions so they could put together a match card that incorporated talent from all over the world.

Ever since the 'All In' event rumours have been swirling about what's next?

Through storylines and general wrestling who-har, the BTE cast distanced themselves from the NJPW-owned and trademarked Bullet Club and now collectively are all The Elite. They also made a pact and have publicly stated multiple times that no matter where they all go and what they all do when their respective contracts all expire at the end of the year, they're sticking together.

They've been very savvy and public about receiving offers from absolutely every wrestling company around the world. Make no mistake, they are potentially some of the hottest free agent entertainers in the world. WWE has actively been pursuing them and would certainly be able to offer them more than any of them has ever made before, but with that comes the amount of dates they would be obligated to work each year and the loss of the creative freedom they've been thriving with and enjoying so much.

Enter the Jacksonville Jaguar's and... some soccer teams owner, something-or-other Khan and more specifically his son.

The current rumour, and most likely scenario if you as me, is that they are bankrolling a brand-new wrestling company called All Elite Wrestling. Trademarks have already been files for multiple things related to this brand including weekly TV show titles and PPV's following the All In naming scheme.

No official announcement has been made yet and likely won't be until a TV broadcast deal has been struck but I am confident that this is what's happening.

The Elite, plus a lot of other talent not currently signed to contracts and working as free agents are sure to be the initial roster and if it is even somewhat successful or just feels like a more appealing place to work for I wouldn't be surprised if a number of mid-card guys who are currently being wasted, mis-handled or simply not used at all in the WWE would jump ship as soon as their current deals are up.

A new venture like this is never going to be able to compete with Vince McMahon in terms of sheer numbers, but I believe with the popularity of the guys involved and the fresh feeling of the product, the potential for AEW to become a solid number two in the world of professional wrestling is very real.

Wow, it felt good to write about some absolute trivial nonsense today! I'm feeling quite a bit better too, it's going to take time to get back 100% but going out for a drink, chat and a catch up with Teesh last night really helped. It was bizarre going to BrewDog and ordering Diet Coke though... more on that tomorrow!

Ooooh look at that for a teaser, I must be feeling better to leave a juicy worm dangling like that to get you to come back and read tomorrows blog post. I'll see you then.

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