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Colts Cowboys

Tonight I've had the pleasure of watching football without the agony of having to think about my fantasy football line up or keeping an eye on almost every other game around the league.

The reason for that is that this week is the first week of the fantasy football playoffs and I didn't make it. I also did well enough to not be in the bottom bracket and be fighting to not be this years 'Ballbag.' So I'm out and have been able to enjoy watching the Colts/Cowboys game as it is.

And enjoy it I have! There's currently 6:25 left in the fourth quarter and we're up 23-0.

When the schedule was announced Sara and I really wanted to make it to Indy for this game. Her team playing at my team seemed perfect except the fact that it's the middle of December and there was no chance of getting the time off work for it.

As it is Sara hasn't even been able to get the evening free to be at home and watch the game, she's kicked ass this week despite everything and has broken the record she set just last week for the venue. I'm super proud of her.

That said, I don't think she'd be enjoying the game the same way I am so maybe it's for the best?

The Colts look so good at the moment, we had a rough couple of years mostly due to our QB Andrew Luck playing through a bad injury and then missing all last season. We got off to a shaky start this season and lost a lot of games, but all of those losses showed promise and it was clear that we were developing and pretty much rebuilding. Since then we've been great and I really believe that if we make it into the playoffs we could give any team in the league a real good run for their money. We'll just have to see if we can make it there as there are a few teams in the hunt for one remaining slot.

With only two more weeks left of the regular season I would love to get a few more weeks of watching Colts football heading into the new year.

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