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Exercise Bike Hype

Yesterday I teased something I’d ordered. Well today I got a jump on a New Years resolution. I got a cheap exercise bike that is foldable and doesn’t take up much space. I’m going to start, well, I already have, exercising after work again and I AM going to lose my gut and get into better shape.

I figure if I do half an hour after work five days a week I should start seeing a difference.

I’ve got my new routine. Get home from work, work out for half an hour, if Sara’s home in the evening prep dinner if not don’t bother, then write, then rest.

Weekends are a little different. I may still work out but I’d probably bring the bike downstairs and do a light work out while playing video games or something. I think I could go for hours like that.

You don’t need to wait for January first to start trying to get healthy. Planning stuff like that is arbitrary.

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