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Operation No More Fat Fuck

So today I'm posting a picture of my fat ass, this is me just letting it all hang out, I normally hold myself together a bit more than this and suck it in a bit, but that would kind of make this whole thing pointless.

I think I'll try to do an update to the mission each month, I might need reminding though.

I'm not expecting over night results, I'm realistic. I know that this is more like George W. Bush's Middle East conflict instead of George H.W. Bush's.

Today is Mad Friday, or what used to be/still is known as Black Friday in the UK before we adopted the shopping day following Thanksgiving.

I posted a rare facebook message today wishing well to all the people I know who work in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, in entertainment and in security.

It is historically the worst night of the year. All the office job people are finished for the year, teachers too, as well as a lot of people who either don't drink often or just don't know their tolerance and limits. Basically a lot of people end up being assholes. Add those to all the people who go out regularly and have just got paid and the students who are having one last night out before going home to their parents for the holidays and you get one big night of drunk horribleness.

People from my work are going out tonight, I'm opting to not go out. For one I'm still not drinking (although I probably will be on Sunday) and I just don't really want to be out with every other dick in the world.

So instead, as I've got home, worked out, showered and now written my blog post for the day I am just going to chill out for the rest of the evening.

I've got a plan of attack for tomorrow and a fun day playing games and watching football with Ed on Sunday, so tonight I might just watch a movie or two and try and bang out a couple of the posts for next week.

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