• James Hewlett

X-Mas Eve

I blasted round work as quick as I could today so I could get finished. I was home by about quarter to three, pretty good!

I also got a pleasant surprise when I finished and they said not to worry about working on Boxing Day. The only problem with that is that because I had to work Sara is working on Boxing Day as well. I think I'll probably go and hang out with her there for the few house she has to be there. I'll take my laptop and write the rest of the weeks posts I think.

So don't expect a post on the day tomorrow, I'll be busy cooking dinner and then we'll be enjoying the day when Sara gets home. There will be a post, but I'll just back date it.

When I got home I watched the Colts game while on the exercise bike, I feel great working out every day again.

I think we'll be getting some take out tonight instead of cooking and then having to do that again all morning. Maybe we'll watch a movie too, or go for a nice xmas eve drink.

Have a lovely xmas everyone. I'm not feeling it at all this year but I hope everyone else is enjoying it.

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