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Thinking About The Future

Today I’m going to write about the future. I don’t know where life is going to take me this coming year and so I’m not making definitive plans, but I’ve started thinking about some things I could possibly do in 2019. Some or all of these might be completely irrelevant within a matter of weeks. But it’s been nice for me to think about stuff that I could do next year. These are more options, ideas, things to think about more than locked in plans that I’m completely striving for and moving towards.

This one is actually kind of a part one to tomorrows New Years resolutions post which will act as a part two.

A trip to Japan. I want to go and see Kez when he gets to Japan, which is where he’s aiming to be by September. I have a week off in November. If I was able to have saved enough to be able to pay for a trip there outright, without putting myself into debt, it would be really cool.

It is going to require a death or a lottery win of some sort but it is something I’ve thought about.

I’ve been talking to Jon more recently too, which is nice. They seem to really like the spot they’re at at the moment and are going to be back there between April and July I think he said. I have a week off in that time, too. Depending on what’s going on and how things are, maybe I’ll use that time to go visit my brother. We’ll see.

(I had a super healthy lunch today... an entire camembert..)

The boys, specifically Ed, Mitchell, George and Teesh, have all mentioned going back to Amsterdam at some point for a weekend. This one feels like the most likely as it’s cheap as chips to get there from Southampton and could be done without even having to take some time off work.

I also want to make the effort to go and see my ‘out-of-town’ friends more often.

These are all travel plans I’ve just realised.

I can’t remember if I mentioned the Shut Up & Sit Down internship applications on here before, so I’m not going to go into detail again… in fact I’m pretty sure I did do a post about it. Stuffs got in the way but I still have all of January to produce and submit that video and application. I’m going to do that for sure.

That one makes me think actually… I don’t mind my job, I quite enjoy it really, but it’s not exactly thrilling and it’s not like it’s something I WANT to do. I’ve never really had anything like that though. I’ve never found something that I can do that I’m passionate about and could make a career out of. I do believe that that comes from the philosophy I’ve lived by since my dad died and that is there are more important things in life than work and that you should work to live and not live to work.

But if I was able to find something that I’m passionate about and turn it into something more, that would be kind of awesome.

I’ve never really believed I could earn money from writing, but if I started doing a lot more of it, who knows.

The following is something completely unrelated that I wrote last night.

As we close out 2018 I’ll say this. The world had a shit year, but there was a bunch of good stuff smattered in there too.

If you’d asked me how my year was on a personal level a couple of months ago I’d have said it was all fine. This past month though as legitimately been the hardest of my life but it has made me SO thankful for the people I have close to me. Those friends who have been there, and the ones who have offered to be there too, are simply incredible and have probably done more than even I know. I know I also have a bunch of friends who would probably have been equally as supportive if I’d reached out to them.

Family is great and mine are always there and willing and wanting to help, but friends are people who there without any sense of obligation and that, I believe, makes it even more amazing.

(This dumb t-shirt is my favourite to work out in)

I started writing this thinking it would just be a tweet I put out, but now I’m thinking it’ll end up either opening or closing tomorrows blog post. I’ll probably do a truncated version of it for the people who can’t read more than 280 characters....

2018 was an up and down year for the world. For me personally it was fairly even until right near the end when it became the hardest time of my life, but thanks to family and the best friends imaginable I’m getting by.

Here’s good riddance to ‘18 and a better ‘19.

Jeez, even when I shorten I still waffle on... I knew there was a reason I started this site instead of just tweeting everything.

New Years resolutions tomorrow. I’ve actually got a bunch, the post was written and logged last week though, I might need to edit it a bit now before posting it.

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