• James Hewlett

2019 Fitness

I’ve written a lot about my fitness journey this year so I’m not going to bore you with that again, I’m just going to show off some pictures of my progress over the year. Most of these have been posted before, but putting them all together is kind of cool.

I’m very proud of myself. Some people go to the extreme when they drop a bunch of weight and get ripped. I’ve never had any interest in doing that. I still enjoy my life and I’ve just added daily exercise into it to a level where I still enjoy it.

Oh and yeah, I just cycle between those two sets of bedding. I should really grab some more at some point. And yes, I am that hairy, I just never used to like being fat and hairy, now that I feel I've got rid of the first one of those I'm okay with having a hairy stomach.

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