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2019 In Words

So I had titled this post ‘This Year In Words’ and had been making a list of basically what my year had been like for the last month or so adding stuff as I thought of it.

I originally figured I would write it up into a more impressive post but I kind of like the format it is in already.

This is not a chronological order. It is not an order of importance. There is no rhyme or reason to the order at all. I would occasionally add stuff in the middle just to mix it up a bit. But this is a smattering of my 2019 in words, tomorrow’s post will be a selection of pictures from the year that’s why I’ve intentionally left this one with just one picture of me, taken yesterday evening.

This year I;

Saw a load of my favourite bands and artists.

Got a bunch of tattoos.

Reconnected with old friends, cut off some toxic ones.

Had my heart broken.

Started wearing trucker hats.

Noticed how hard it is to organise hanging out with friends as an adult, let alone a single one.

Got divorced.

Got into the best shape of my life.

Worked out every single day.

Started dating for the first time in a decade.

Had more sex in two weeks than I’d had in two years.

Met the best person.

Learnt a lot about who to really trust as a friend.

Made my house more my own after deciding to stay here alone.

Wrote, shot, edited and put out a video project for the first time in fifteen years.

Applied for an internship but didn’t get it.

Fell in love and was fallen in love with, unfortunately it wasn’t the same person.

Took chances.

Made mistakes.

Started focusing on my own mental health and in doing so became way more aware of other peoples.

Started skating again for the first time since my teens. Unfortunately a little too late in the summer to get good and I am definitely only interested in doing it in nice weather.

Booked a trip to New York with an ex girlfriend on a whim.

Cancelled said trip to New York but still had an awesome week.

Planned a trip to Texas with one of my best buds, booked that one too.

Started doing yoga and still do it at least three times a week.

Got myself financially stable for the first time in a very long time.

Saw my brother for the first time in a year.

Was sad and lonely, was happy and connected.

Bought a lot of art.

Came dead last in two fantasy football leagues.

Helped friends in need.

Been helped by friends in my own times of need.

Played way less video games.

Said yes to a lot more.

Started using Instagram again.

Stopped using Facebook.

Started thinking differently about the future and what it might bring.

Discovered who I count truly count on when I needed them, and who I only thought that was the case.

Dropped down to a small shirt size and a smaller waist size.

Refreshed my wardrobe, buying more new clothes than I have in years.

Began working on ‘kip ups’ hurt my spine in the process but am not giving up.

Didn’t have a single gout flare up.

Went to a bunch of fun indie wrestling shows.

Started writing about more serious shit.

Started writing fiction, didn’t finish anything.

Had a ‘perfect year’ of activity according to my watch health tracking.

Made some new friends.

Didn’t play any where near as many board games as I would have liked.

Drank a lot early in the year, and barely anything over the summer taking September off completely.

Grew a pretty decent beard.

Embraced the ridiculousness that is my life.

Did some things I wasn’t proud of, and some that I’m really proud of.

I’d like to think I became a better person but that’s not really for me to decide.

Ended the year happy. Which is way more than I can say for last year so I’ll consider it a win.

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