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2019 Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts! So much so that when I have time off work it throws my listening schedule off and it plays on my mind about having to catch up.

One of the things I love most about the format is how broad it is and you can ask any two people who listen to a lot of shows what’s on their regular rotation and you’ll get vastly different answers. It’s very easy to tailor you listening habits to what you like and are interested in but it’s also good to broaden your horizons some times and check out new shows.

I’m only going to talk about a handful of the podcasts I listen to today, if I went through my entire list I’d be here until the end of the year. There may be shows I’ve touched on before but I’ve tried to select things that have either started this year or that are new to me, with a couple of exceptions thrown in for good measure. Let’s get on with it.

Face Jam is one of a few new audio only podcast offerings from the funny folks at Rooster Teeth and is definitely my favourite of the new bunch. Michael and Jordan are two personalities in the company who don’t regularly collaborate with each other unless its behind the scenes and their personalities wouldn’t be the normal kind of pairing but it’s the odd couple dynamic that brings out the humour a lot of the time. The premise of the show is actually similar to an old comedy podcast I used to listen to, Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, but in this show the hosts and producer Eric eat and review all the ridiculous limit edition menu items from restaurants and fast food joints. The episodes aren’t overly long and it only releases every other week so it is always a nice treat to get a new episode.

Rogue Podron is a show I’ve probably mentioned before but continues to be one of the nerdiest, most charming shows I listen to. It started out as a book club podcast about the old Rogue Squadron books from the Star Wars expanded universe but has since become more of a free form Star Wars podcast. The four hosts have such a great friendship and informality with each other that, as cliche as it is to say, listening to them back and forth with each other is like hanging out with a bunch of friends with a very specific common interest.

The SlashfilmCast & Slashfilm Daily I’m lumping these two together because I’ve talked about the former many times in the past and I don’t have a lot more to say other than it is still my favourite movie podcast and Dave, Davindra & Jeff are the best. Slashfilm Daily is actually hosted predominantly by the creator of the site /Film where these shows stem from along with other writers for the site. It’s more of a movie news podcast than reviews but they do often do dedicated episodes on a specific topic, movie or show if there is enough conversation to be had around it. I particularly enjoyed their recaps of Watchmen each week.

The Storm I never had any doubt that Joanna, Dave and Neil would continue podcasting together after Game of Thrones ended and the transition from A Storm of Spoilers to The Storm has been great. Instead of recapping and theorising about GOT they are now going back through a personal favourite show of mine, Lost, episode by episode. The fact they took a break to cover Star Wars this December doesn’t hurt either. You’ll struggle to find three more well informed, respectful and different opinions of film and tv than these absolute pros.

The Throwback Pod This one has snuck in right at the end of the year and taking my listening time by storm. I’d heard about The Throwback Pod for a couple of years as one of the hosts, Dan Hanzus is also the host of my NFL podcast of choice and would occasionally plug his side project he records in his garage with his best friend, Bob. I don’t tend to listen to music podcasts because they don’t use the songs for fear of getting copy write strikes against them. Either these guys are throwing caution to the wind or have worked out a way to get away with it because each episode they pick and album and go through it track by track discussing and dissecting it. A lot of it is nineties alternative rock so it’s right up my alley but they do go back to the seventies, eighties an occasionally earlier as well as covering more recent albums and broader genres too. I’ve only been cherry picking through the back catalogue of episodes so far, listening to episodes about albums I personally love but I am looking forward to keeping up to date with the show when it comes back in the new year too. It’s a lot of fun.

I hope I’ve given you all something you’ll consider checking out. Let me know if you’ve got a favourite podcast you think I’d like and check back tomorrow for my look back on entertainment this year.

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