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I was doing my normal early in the year thinking today and I really want to have some creative projects under my belt this year.

The problem always comes with sustained motivation, time to commit and inevitable writers block.

So to counter that, this year I decided to put it to Ed to see if he was interested in working on things together. I know he thinks very similarly to me and always has a ton of ideas floating around but the same problems when it comes to executing on them.

We've always clicked on all kinds of media and sensibilities and I think that a lot of that comes from having a vaguely similar history.

Right now, I don't want to speak for him but I think it's fair to say, we're both at somewhat of a crossroads so having some creative output would be really nice.

He was very receptive to the idea, which is great. Now we just need to figure out what projects we would like to work on.

I've got ideas for scripts, books, games, podcasts, video show... pretty much name it and I've got at least the germ of an idea for it.

We're going to fire up Tabletop Simulator in a bit, play a game on there while bouncing some ideas around and try to get the ball rolling on something. Or at least give us some direction to think about and then reconvene to hash it out further.

I think having a creative partner will help us both keep motivated with that kind of thing, and depending on what shape it forms, we already have a platform to put it out into the world, if that's what we want to do.

For me though, at least for now, it's a lot like this blog... If others read it or are interested, great, but it's more about a personal sense of accomplishment.

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