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Yesterday I talked about writing and collaborating with Ed on possible writing projects.

We had a good idea session last night and bounced a few ideas back and fourth. There was one in particular that we both started feeding ideas back and forth on, instead of just basically pitching to the other. That was exactly what I wanted to happen so I think that will be where our focuses start.

I'm planning on putting some words on paper for it later on this evening.

One of the best sources of inspiration I've had recently though is a relatively new podcast.

I'm sure I've mentioned the SlashFilmCast before, the official podcast of the great movie news website slashfilm.com. Well one of the hosts of that show, David Chen, has become quite prolific in the world of podcasting; he co-hosts the most downloaded podcasts for Game of Thrones, Westworld and has done shows in the past for other high profile TV shows, as well as co-creating The Tobolowski Files with iconic character actor Steven Tobolowski.

His latest venture has been with former guest of the SlashFilmCast and former movie critic; author and screen writer C. Robert Cargil.

He has a number of movie projects under his belt, most famously Marvels Dr. Strange, as well as a few books including one of my favourites from last year, Sea of Rust.

The podcast format is each week the two have a short, ten to fifteen minute chat about the writing procress and Cargil shares insights, tips, tricks, advice and guidence to anyone intested in writing.

I find it really encouraging and helpful and I look forward to new episodes each Friday when they drop.

I love it when creators and creatives who have done well for themselves 'pay it forward' and are willing to help out other people, and to make that help public and available to the masses is even better.

I still need to carry on with my actual creative writing course work, but listening to Write Along each week inspires me to make my word count each day.

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