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Wildcard Weekend

The Colts are back in the playoffs! Tonight is the start of wildcard weekend, the first round of the NFL playoffs and my Indianapolis Colts are in the first game.

I'm really glad too, because it means that it'll be on early enough for me to watch it live. Mitchell's going to come over, we're going to have a few beers and watch the game. He's got a bye week this week, as usual, as the Patriots won their division and will face the winner of tomorrow nights game between the Chargers and Ravens.

That's why I'm getting this post done and out of the way now, so i can enjoy the rest of the evening. It's been a bit of a day of that to be honest, I got up and had a walk in the brisk cold followed by a less intensive, but still good work out on the exercise bike.

I also just finished writing some stuff for the project Ed and I are working on. I read a really great tweet from C. Robert Cargil the other day that broke down the math and basically said that if you write three screenplay pages a day, each working day of the week, by the end of the year you'll have over two full screenplays or for the book side of things, just three hundred words a day to have a full fledged novel by the end of the year! Well I just bashed out three hundred words in no time, so as long as I can stay consistent, I feel good about really being able to achieve something creatively fore-filling this year.

Right, I've got a little bit of washing up to do from the amazing bacon, brie and kashmiri sandwich I made for lunch, then I'm going to crack open a beer.

So until tomorrow, I'll bid you adieu... goodbye *mwah* and good night. *bang* (thats a Kenny Omega thing, he was wrestling last night.)

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