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Alternate Forms of Therapy

After a late night watching the Colts win and then staying up to watch as much of the Cowboys game as I could until I fell asleep, I was ready for a chilled out day today. So that's exactly what it's been.

I still rode on the exercise bike, but I just did a casual ride and didn't push it. Instead of having days off at the weekend or when ever that's what I've been doing and it's been great. I was glad I did that as Mitchell and I got pizza last night, which I wasn't planning to do, and I felt like I'd ruined some of the progress I'd made.

It's interesting how therapeutic I'm finding exercise, when I was running outside it was cathartic, sure, but not really therapeutic. Maybe that's just because I didn't need it to be then? Who knows.

The other thing that I've been doing today that has had the same effect is painting a new Star Wars Legion mini. I haven't done any in a while and the last batch, while I enjoyed doing it, almost felt like a bit of a chore. Just putting a couple of base colours on the Chewie mini though has been fun and I think with some highlights and shades I can make it look pretty cool.

There are two games tonight, but I'm not sure I'm that bothered to watch them, I'll see. I'll probably watch the first quarter of the Chargers Ravens game and see if it grabs me. I'd be more up for just chilling out and watching a movie though.

So that's my Sunday. It's been alright I guess, nothing special. I'll try and have at least one half decent bit of content in next weeks posts, no promises though. Later.

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