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Read, Write, Erase

Okay, so this evening I'm planning on writing bunch for the project Ed and I are working on. He's written out a bunch of notes for ideas he has had so I'm going to have a read through them, make sure everything fits and we're on the same page and then dive into the next chunk I have vaguely planned in my head.

When writing I often get too bogged down in planning and plotting things out and nothing ever actually to show for it, I'm taking a slightly different approach this time and just partially flying by the seat of my pants. I'm sure that it'll mean I have a lot more to edit and go back over later, but that should be a lot easier if I already have all of the bones in place.

A cool thing arrived today, earlier last year I backed a kickstarter for 'Herobook 5E' and it showed up.

It's a character book for D&D and has a dry erase character sheet on the inside cover pages. This is super useful when you're playing as game as the information you have on your sheet will change frequently throughout each session, let alone over the course of an entire campaign.

The book also features reference for all of the different character types, races, classes and whatnot that are available in Fifth Edition as well as a full list of weapons, equipment, items, spells and details for all of the different circumstances you may encounter. It effectively replaces the need for a players handbook for everything except specifics.

I enjoyed the hell out of playing D&D when Kez was still in the country and running a group and while I'm not a part of one currently, this will be a really handy tool to have when I do find a new game to be a part of.

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