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Over the last week I've been catching up on one of the best comic book series on the market, Saga by writer Brian K Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples. I say it's one of the best, it certainly was when I was still working in comics retail, there might be plenty of other books that are better than it now that I don't even know about. I don't keep up to date with stuff anymore, but I'll still check out things that look interesting or are from creators I know and trust.

Saga is a grand space opera set in a wholly unique sci-fi universe. It has plenty of the trappings of a franchise such as Star Wars but also has a lot of mythical and fantasy elements to it as well that would feel more at home in a D&D sourcebook.

The universe which we find in Saga is that of two warring worlds, well, one world and its moon, and star the crossed lovers, Marko and Alana. Each have deserted their people and species and are expecting, as far as anyone can tell, the first cross breed of the two races. Their daughter, Hazel, is born in the opening pages of the story and does in fact have both the horns of her fathers species and wings from her mothers side. The young family is being hunted by both factions as well as bounty hunters, robot royalty, interested journalists and a whole slew of colourful side characters.

I had kept up to date, month to month, when I was working at the shop but we'd also been picking up the trade paperbacks as Sara enjoys reading the series as well. I switched over solely to the trades when I left and as always happens I fell behind when the new ones were releasing. I had volume seven sat by the side of my bed for most of last year and I kept meaning to get round to reading it. It was only when Sara got me volume eight for xmas that I realised I hadn't yet caught up. So I plowed through the older one and last night finished of the newer.... and needless to say immediately ordered volume nine, which is the most recent one to be released. It'll be nice to have caught up on over a year and a half of comics in the span of a week, but it just means the wait for the next one is going to feel excruciating.

BKV is one of the most imaginative writers working today and after series such as Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways and The Private Eye, I'll read anything anything he puts out and be in awe of how great and unique it all feels.

Fiona Staples art compliments the story of Saga perfectly with an almost etherial, painterly quality to it at times. The blending of sci-fi and fantasy designs is great and I'm glad they take their time and let her do every issue instead of getting fill in artists.

Go read Saga, it's unlike anything but feels familiar to a lot of things. I really think you'll have a great time with it.

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