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Never Bored with Board(games)

I’m on my break at the moment, I’ve had a nice easy day at work today and it’s afforded me plenty of time to chill. Normally I get a post or two done in that time but I’ve been sat for an hour trying to think of something interesting to write about and I’m drawing blanks.

So this post might end up being a bit of an odds and sods ramble of nonsense, or there might be some really insightful stuff in there, who knows?! I guess you will if you keep reading.

Either way I’ll be finishing it up and posting it this evening so by then I might actually have something to say and this whole preamble will be for nothing.

I’ve not played any board games yet this year, I miss it. It’s funny, until a few years ago it was not a hobby I had any interest in. I appreciated that people dug it and that games themselves had moved way beyond the typical roll and move trash we all play as kids, but I think I was put off from it by the types of people who were buying them from the shop... you know the type. Fedora nerds who gave the rest of us a bad name for a long time. The type who do smell, have greasy hair, gross long leather jackets, neck beards and yep, a fedora or some sort of similar hat. It’s a stereotype, but as with all stereotypes it has some grounding in truth.

After I’d left the shop though, hell, even before then, nearer the end of my time, there seemed to be a culture swing and more and more people started picking up board games and card games. The quality of products seemed to step up as well so I started taking a closer look at things as they would come out.

After picking up a few games that we’d now consider very much to be entry level or gateway games, Sara and I were both hooked.

It’s got to the point now, three or four years later, that we have more board games on our shelves downstairs than anything else.

It’s so much nicer to sit and play a game than to just watch TV or be doing other, more isolated activities and while for a long time we’ve generally played games with just us, over the last year we’ve tried to get more larger groups together to play stuff. Not only because we have a few that require more than two players, but because it’s a nice socialising activity. The problem comes in with scheduling and arranging of course, same as doing anything with friends, but when we do manage to get a game night together or Ed is down for a weekend of playing a Gloomhaven, I really love it.

For reasons I’m not going into here at the moment, I’ve not had a chance to play anything for a few weeks. I might have to see if Rutter & Liv want to come over and play something this evening, or Mitchell & Emma, or all of them! We got a new game for Xmas from my mum that I’m dying to get started with, Gen7, but I might test the waters with something similar and from the same publisher, Dead of Winter. If they take to that maybe we’ll dive into the campaign of Gen7 soon.

Hey would ya look at that, I managed to write something half decent based off of nothing.

Board games folks, they bring people together for a few hours of shared enjoyment, discussion, debate, fun, silliness, competition and cooperation. They’re great and there is enough quality out there that is completely different from each other that I know there is something you would enjoy.

If you want any recommendations, I’m always happy to help.

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