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Santa Fe Chicken

I'm skipping out on a full post this evening as I really need to get stuff shot for the Shut Up & Sit Down internship application, so I focus on that.

It didn't stop me from making an awesome dinner though after I'd worked out.

I've been having healthier lunches when I've stopped for some food during my work days and this past week I've been on a sushi kick. Hats off to Boots for having some pretty decent sushi, especially for prepackaged stuff. The only problem is last night my foot started niggling me a bit, the tell-tale warning signs of a gout flare up. At the time I thought it must have just been from the couple of beers I'd had but when my foot started aching today after I had some lunch I realised that it was quite likely the increased about of seafood I've been having lately... It fucking sucks, I try and eat better and while my gut is saying, "Hey! Nice one fat ass." My foot is shouting at me, "Fuck you! I'm going to make it feel like you rolled your ankle, because that's new and so is all this fish."

I took a tablet when I got home though and I'm pretty sure I've caught it early enough.

It changed up what I was going to have for dinner though; the first recipe I wanted to try had shrimp in it, a big no no for my gouty foot. So I called an audible and went with a 'Santa Fe Chicken Salad.'

It's basically just that, a chicken salad, but with all sorts of nice herbs and spices in there too. It was bloody delicious. I've got enough prepped to have it again later in the week too, probably Thursday as I'm going to my mums tomorrow night for a real test of how my foot is doing, steak. Mmmm steak.

Right, I've spent way longer on this than I intended and need to spot procrastinating, even if I'm doing something creative in the process.

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