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Revisiting Books

This evening I'm going to be editing until I'm happy with the basic structure of the video, but I wanted to talk about a book that I have almost certainly bought up on here a few times already.

Early last summer, when things were really bad between my brother and I, I listened to a book that had been sat in my audible library for quite a while.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson was really enlightening for me at the time and I remember reading it and thinking, that there was some really interesting concepts, ideas and advise in the book. I got a little bit out of it personally at the time and was pleasantly surprised that there were things in there that helped me understand Sara's anxiety, but mostly it helped me deal with Jon and everything that was going on with him. I would have loved for him to have read it, but at the time we weren't talking much and I don't think me recommending what is essentially a self-help book would have gone too well.

I say 'self-help book' but the Manson's book really is a response to self help in the traditional sense. The subtitle is 'A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life' and it really is the best way to describe it.

Over Monday and Tuesday of this week I re-listened to the whole book. Literally two sittings, I couldn't stop myself. For as much as I got out of it first time I think I picked up on at least three times as much this time round. It helped me look inward at how I deal with situations and it also helped me a lot with the current problems Sara and I have. I know she listened to it last year as well and I've said I think she should go back through it was well, I hope she does and takes on board some of the advice given.

I don't like self help stuff as a general rule, Tony Robbins seems like a complete twat, Joe Rogan is a douchebag, ninety percent of those types of book, podcast, cult of personality types do absolutely nothing for me. But there was something about this one. I'm not saying it'll definitely be good for you, but I would absolutely give it my heartfelt endorsement and recommend it to everyone, problems or not.

Anyway, I need to start going through the footage I shot yesterday... basically need to look at myself for a while.

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