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NFL Championship Sunday Recap

It was a really exciting night in the NFL Playoffs last night, Championship Weekend, LA Rams at New Orleans Saints for the NFC and New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC.

Down the stretch and into the post-season these four teams have absolutely been the best in the league and deserved their spots. Either team from each conference could have won and gone on to the Super Bowl in two weeks and the games reflected that.

At the time of writing this I’ve only watched the Rams Saints game as the AFC game was on late and I had work this morning, but I’ll be watching it later on despite knowing the outcome.

Both of the games were close, with the Rams rallying in the second half against a raucous ‘Who’dat?!’ army of New Orleans fans in the Super Dome. Quarterback Jared Goff and young head coach Sean McVay we’re having such a hard time communicating and even in the huddle the Rams players were reportedly having a hard time hearing what the play call was. This was apparent early in the game as the offence looked shaken and I was predicting a blow out.

The defence stepped up in a big way though holding the Saints to field goals on their first two, very impressive looking, drives and only allowing one touchdown in the first half.

After seemingly fixing some of the communication errors and resettling Goff led his Rams to a great final drive of the half and tightened it up to being a one score game.

The second half was slower paced and saw the Saints maintain a small lead throughout much of it until kicker Greg Zuerlein tied the score at 20 for the Rams.

The Saints would answer back with one of their own but after a horrendous no-call on a clear pass interference penalty led to the Rams regaining possession in the closing minutes, Greg The Leg once again tied the game and sent it into overtime.

The Saints would win the coin toss and start with possession but a rare interception from Drew Brees would set the Rams up with only having to kick a field goal to secure their place at Super Bowl 53.

The Saints D would make some great stops forcing a fourth down and a 57 yard attempt, the longest in post-season history, but Legatron’s kick was true and looked as though he could have hit it from 70.

It was a thrilling game and I’m really happy to see the Rams make it, they’ve been tons of fun to watch over the last two years under McVay.

Now they just have to beat the greatest coach and QB combo in the sports history, Bill Belechick and Tom Brady. I hate the Patriots, but I do respect the dynasty they’ve held since the start of the millennium, by all accounts their game with the Chiefs was also a barn burner going back and fourth with four fourth quarter lead changes and an overtime TD to secure the win and the Pats ninth Super Bowl appearance.

That’s the most sports heavy post ever!

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