• James Hewlett

Just Another Sad Tuesday

I've got nothing to say today... That's just a fucking lie, I have tons to say, just, nothing I'm ready to put out wide just yet.

I've tried to keep my posts upbeat this past week or two as I know there was a lot of downers. Truth is, none of that has gone away yet, probably won't for a while, but I've been focusing my energy elsewhere in order to get by. It's been really helpful and great. This afternoon just really kicked my ass and I've been staring at my laptop all night knowing I should write but not being able to muster anything up.

But I'm still here. I'm still posting... something. I guess that counts, right? Fuck. I really want to actually do something with my writing at some point and I don't want these bummed out posts to reflect on me. It's a stupid thing to be concerned about with everything else going on but I do think about it. I just hope that when I do write about why I've been so down lately it'll all become clear and anyone reading will understand. I know my friends and family will, I tend to only surround myself with good people like that, but I hope random reader number fiftytwelve will get it too.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go to bed. I've done none of the productive stuff I wanted to do this evening and I just want to get through today and tomorrow. Thursday is my goal for now. Then we'll see what the weekend brings.

#sadness #bummedout #unproductive #marriedlife #struggling


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