• James Hewlett

Weekend Edition 2019

I’ve had a very relaxed weekend this week. It’s weird. My life is by no means back to normal and nothing is fixed, but I know where I’m/we’re at for the first time since this all started at the beginning of December. That knowing has given me some level of ease, certainly more than I’ve had recently anyway.

So yesterday I decided to try another new recipe and after having take out curry last weekend I thought I’d give cooking my own a go. It turned out great!

I’ve had a few late nights this weekend too, but out of choice, not through inability to sleep. I caught up with one of my oldest friends via FaceTime, I’ve watched the big wrestling events of the weekend live and I’ve been quite content.

Today my only real goal was to get my cover letter written for the Shut Up & Sot Down internship application and send that off. Since the day they first announced the programme back at the start of December I’ve known that I wanted to do it, and if my entire life hadn’t been turned on it’s head in that time I think I could have put more time and effort into the whole thing and made something really great.

That’s not to say I’m not proud of what I have done, I really am. I wrote my cover letter and sent that off with the link to my video early this afternoon, a few days before the deadline. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I might have to give myself another similar project with a deadline as something to focus on. Writing with Ed is great and all but it’s a process that comes together slowly and we’re not working to strict deadlines. Having something to keep focused on could be a really good way of not letting myself start to get down again. I just have to think of what...

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