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Updating Family

I'm back sat in what I'm now dubbing 'my spot' at Brewdog, I definitely get my best work done here.

I just sent a long email to my family and a couple of close friends that have known somethings up but not exactly what. I'm to the point where I'm ready to talk to people about it. Well, tell them about it anyway. I'm still relying on a small core group of friends for the talking.

I said to any friends that if they wanted to hang out this evening I'd be here. I think Teesh is on her way. I didn't mind if no one wanted to, I really do enjoy just sitting and writing here, thats harder to do with friends around unless they're also sitting and working away on something.

I also think I'm going to another bar in a bit for a birthday. I won't be out long, but I want to at least pop my head in and say hey.

I should really wrap this up and go back to writing. I've been really slack this past week. I don't want to lose my thread and struggle to get back into it. That can easily happen with fiction I've found.

I had this quote from The Last Jedi in my head today...

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