• James Hewlett

Plans, Long and Short.

I had a dentist appointment after work this evening so I managed to get finished fairly early so I’d have enough time to still work out and shower before that.

I only have an annual appointment as my teeth are generally pretty good. It is weird when I go to make my next appointment though and it’s in January 2020! It feels like way too far away to make plans.

More reasonable plans to make are for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Instead of going out, or to someone else’s, I’m hosting this year for most of the fantasy league.

I’ve sized it up and will have both sofas in prime viewing position with the table situated close but out of the way for snacks and bevs.

I’ve found a bunch of awesome chicken wing recipes so I’m going to do a bunch of them as well as some hotdogs in the slow cooker so they’re just good whenever people want them. I’m looking forward to it a lot. Especially as I don’t have to worry about getting up half an hour after the game finishes as I have Monday off.

I was curious today and found some direct flights to Austin, TX for the week off I have at the end of April for under £500 return... it's an amazing price.... if only I had £500, I would go in a heartbeat.

Oh yeah, check out Operation: No More Fat Fuck, this is a months progress!

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