• James Hewlett

Solo with Solo

I've had a chilled out evening this evening. A few of the tabletop games I've got have solo modes, some better than others, but most of the ones that are good require a lot of components and set up so I tend to to play them alone. I tend not to play any games alone actually, haven't really needed to in the past. I've been jonesing to play something though so I grabbed Arkham Horror The Card Game. Ed and I have played it on Tabletop Simulator before and I really enjoyed it, I also know that it plays really well as a solo game.

I had to brush up on the rules but then I really enjoyed playing through the first game. I like having a game I can dive into myself without relying on others. I may do a video about it when I've played some more... Hmm! That's a good idea.

I wanted to watch a movie tonight too, but I couldn't decide what, so I went with a favourite. One of the few movies I would consider to be completely perfect and faultless; Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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