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Super Bowl Eve

Today’s been fun, I got up and got my work out out of the way before riding up the house a little bit. Ed arrived late in the night after finishing work, so when he woke up we went and got some lunch at 7Bone. From there we picked up some tasty beers at Bitter Virtue and the rest of the shopping for tomorrow.

This evening has been mostly playing a couple of new games and introducing Ed to a new show;

On Tour is a brand new release and the first ‘roll & write’ game in my collection. I backed it on Kickstarter last summer and because it was so cheap I just presumed it was going to be a small box, fun game that would be something easily bought to the pub and played over beers. It still is that, but bigger than I imagined and within beautiful design work and a fun simplicity.

The Expanse: The Board Game is, obviously, licences tie in to the show more than the book series. It was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions when it was first announced, “Expanse game?! Awesome!” “Oh… it’s published by wizkids and only uses cheaply produced stills from the show as opposed to original art and has some dodgy graphic design? Bummer.”

“Wait, Geoff Englestien designed the game?! Holy crap it might be amazing!”

“Fuck it, I love the theme, I want to check it out, Xmas pressy anyone?”

So I did end up getting it and finally just got to play it. Ed has never read the books or watched the show but was interested none the less and after playing, and winning, he was eager to check it out. That’s what we’re up to now.

The games really good! It seems complicated at first, but I think that’s just down to a poorly printed rule book and very bland graphic design. Game wise though it’s awesome! Really interesting area control game and ironically, for a game called The Expanse it’s really limited as to what you can do each turn, in a really good way. You always want to be able to do just one more action. I really hope to play it with three or four players in the future as I think it would change up the dynamics even more so! Maybe one day it’ll switch publishers and be reprinted with much better aesthetics, until then it’ll be a game I have to convince people to play know that once they do they’ll probably enjoy it a lot.

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