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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

One of the best days of the year!

I’m currently up and getting my work out in early so I don’t need to worry about it later. Going to prep the wings early too, have them sitting in their dry rub as long as poss before cooking up in time for kick off.

Not sure what time people are heading over but everything will be set up and ready.

So let’s talk about the game; I’ve really enjoyed watching the Rams this year, young team, youngest head coach in history, different kind of football.

I feel like the missed call against the Saints that did help the Rams get here has soured a lot of people who don’t have a dog in the fight against them but these things happen.

On the other hand you’ve got the Patriots, in their seven thousandth super bowl in the Brady/Belichick era and going for their record breaking sixth win. There is no doubt at this point that they are the best quarterback/head coach combo in history but I, along with most of the football watching world, am so bored with watching them in the post season. If they win, fine, do us the decency of retiring on top.

But my heart is saying Go Rams! It’s a changing of the guard, out with the old, in with the new!

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