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Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow?

Okay, so I know I said I was going to try and get some good content up this week... but not this day.

No, I've just been planning and thinking of ideas this evening and to be honest, I don't fancy sitting and writing too much. I want to play a game, watch a movie, hopefully something I'll want to write about tomorrow, and chill.

I've got a couple of really really good posts planned for the future, but they A, need to be at the right time and B, need a little bit more life led for me to actually have something to write about..

Sorry, distracted by that gif. Aragorn is a handsome bastard isn't it?

Oh I started re-reading one of my favourite things ever last night, I cannot wait to have a new take on it. Last time I read it would about been at least eight years ago and I have changed a lot since then. Thats a little teaser to end on.

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