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An Expansive New Home

The Expanse has arrived on its new home and as of today is available worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. I implore everyone stop reading this and go watch it right now!

I love this show, I definitely love the books more, but the show does such a good job of adapting the series as a whole.

I think that’s key; not being constrained to doing a book a season. They’ve peppered in elements from later books earlier into to the show and included stories from the novellas as b-plots to give better context to the a-plot as well. This is something I hope they continue to do moving forward.

I’m not surprised the show never did huge numbers on broadcast TV, to start with at least it could feel slow paced and introduces a lot of new concepts without feeling the need to dumb them down and over explain them. If you stick with the show you’ll fairly soon figure it out by yourself but I appreciate that they’re not afraid to embrace the fact that this is intelligent science fiction storytelling.

The reason for a lot of the elements being introduced earlier than in the books comes down to POV. Much like A Song Of Ice and Fire, the books in The Expanse follow the structure of each chapter being from the point of view of one character. In the first book, Leviathan Wakes, we follow just two characters; Holden and Miller. Through them we are introduced to or at least hear of many other players in the story and as the series goes on a lot of these seemingly side characters become POV protagonists who are just as important to the plot as anyone else.

That format doesn’t work on TV so we get to know a lot of those characters inner thought processes and actions when not around Holden or Miller right from the get go. It creates a different dynamic, but one that I very much enjoy.

I’m so happy that Amazon picked up this show and seem to be giving it a good push. My hope is that by the time the currently in production fourth season arrives a lot more people will have checked it out and it will get a much better marketing campaign than it ever did on SyFy in the US. I’ll give credit where it’s due, in the UK and presumably around the world, Netflix, who were the distributors for the show, did a pretty good job of keeping it on the home page.

Due to the campaign to save the show and the success of said campaign a lot more media outlets seem to have taken notice too. I’ve heard mention of The Expanse on multiple podcasts and seem a lot more articles online about it since it’s rescue. Hopefully this press will continue and drive more eyeballs to it and Amazon will have success with it enough to continue to see through the entire series.

It really is as good if not better than Game of Thrones and despite being a vastly different visual setting, I believe it appeals to a very similar demographic. So if you’re unsure but love Westeros, go and check out life in the belt, sasa ke?

I could go on for ages about this series, but for now I’m just going to rewatch season three. I’m sure I’ll write more when the fourth season drops. Maybe even sooner as the penultimate book is out next month. I’ve just noticed some of the principle actors wrapped today so hopefully we’ll get it by the end of the summer.

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