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I’m back at BrewDog at the moment. I wasn’t planning on coming this week but I saw they were launching the first batch of their OverWorks line and, well, I thought it would be rude not to. I’m being good though, I’m getting some writing done while I’m here.

OverWorks is a division of the company that came directly out of their Equity For Punks financing that I am a proud member of. They had been wanting to brew some sour beers for a while, but the process isn’t clean and ends up clogging up the mash and other vats way more than other beers. As BrewDog have grown to a point where they can’t afford to take a sizeable portion of their production facilities offline for cleaning just to brew what is essentially an even more niche product than they usually do they did what they’ve always done as a company; said, “Fuck it, let’s just expand and build an entire additional brewery just for sours.”

So that is what they’ve been working on for the past year, working on recipes, checking the competition, almost certainly making deals with business partners and building hype among their audience.

Some people really get annoyed by the BrewDog brand, they’re not a regular beer company at all, they’re very self congratulating and actively try to cause a stir, but there is something about the business model that James Watt and Martin Dickie founded the company on that I really dig. It is more like Marvel Studios than Budweiser, they’re a brand that people will buy in on no matter what they put out because they’ve developed the trust, they don’t have customers, they have fans.

Through all of that they have grown exponentially. Their beers are in almost every supermarket in the UK, they have bars across the world, in addition to their home in Ellon, Scotland they also have a brewery in Columbus, Ohio with the worlds first beer hotel and are currently building their eastern hemisphere brewery in Australia. Despite this growth they still maintain a very punk rock attitude. They don’t go by what is the current hotness, they do what they want to do and trust that it will become the next big thing. It doesn’t always work though and when it doesn’t they’re the first to hold their hands up and say, “Welp, that was an attempt.” And move on to the next one. I’m sure that caviler attitude also pisses people off as it could be read as a little ‘try hard.’

I’m rambling now and this glass is empty. I’m going to wrap this up, get one more and write while I have it. Then I’m going to grab a bottle of each of the other sours that have launched (only one is on tap) and be on my way.

I hope you talked to someone about mental health today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read yesterdays post. Then come back here tomorrow for some Friday fun and frolics.

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