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The Outtatowners

Its not even nine pee em, yet I’m quite pleasantly drunk! Jack and Jamie made the trip to town today to see me, catch up with what the fuck has been going on and check out some of the dope places we’ve got in town now.

The only problem is that we have too many to actually do a bar crawl in a short space of time so we only hit up a few choice places.

I kinda love the fact that I’m home, before nine pm; drunk, fed, safe and with all my possessions. I’ll almost certainly pass out on the sofa very soon. Right now though I’m signing along to nineties rap/hip hop while writing this, so I guess we are still living in a Willenium.

Ha! No recollection of writing that. I thought I’d bash out yesterday’s post while on the exercise bike only to be surprised to see I pretty much did it already last night. Thanks past James!

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