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Apex Legends

I’m a week late to the party but this still feels timely enough, for me at least.

I just started playing Apex Legends this evening; the new free-to-play battle royale game available on consoles and PC from Respawn Entertainment.

The game launched as a complete surprise last week and, in a pleasant change of pace from a lot of new online multiplayer only games, is a complete game. None of this open beta/early access nonsense that has become the norm.

Apex Legends is super polished and runs smoothly already, I must have played a dozen or so rounds earlier and encountered no problems with the gameplay.

Respawn are the studio that made Titanfall and it’s sequel, both of which I really enjoyed. Titanfall 2’s single player campaign is one of the most fun of any game, especially first-person shooters. This new title seemingly takes place in the same universe as those two games and carries with it a lot of the same aesthetics. Gameplay feels very similar too, movement is fast and fluid and the gun play is very good.

Obviously after PUBG hit big the battle royale genre of multiplayer shooter blew up with Fortnight becoming the biggest and most successful by far. I never got on with that game and didn’t feel like I was missing out by avoiding it, but I do enjoy the genre and was hoping to find one I could get more involved with.

I’m happy that Apex Legends has been so massively successful so far, dethroning Fortnight, and that I’m really enjoying playing it. Hopefully it isn’t just a flash in the pan and maintains its popularity. I have faith that it does then Respawn will continue to support the game for a long time to come.

With all that said, I feel like I should mention that I do suck massively at the game! I played a few rounds with Mitchell and neither of us did very well. It’s the sign of any good game; board, card, video or otherwise, that you can be terrible at a game but still have more than enough fun with it that you want to keep playing round after round.

I know I’m now in the minority, but if anyone wants to jump into a game with me on xbox live at any point just send me a message, my gamertag is JHewlett

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