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Good News/Bad News

Today’s been a good day overall, but with a few mixed not so good in there too. Just to keep it spicy, I guess.

There was one bit of really good news that I’m not going to write about here because it might end up being part of a larger post I’ve got a vague plan for in the future, but it was definitely my favourite bit of news of the day and has had me smiling since I got it. Not that I wasn’t smiling already mind you, but it only helped grow that smile.

Vague enough for you? Okay, I’ll talk about some stuff in detail now.

The worst news I got today was that I, unfortunately didn’t get the internship with Shut Up & Sit Down.

The rejection email was very nice and supportive. Apparently they were overwhelmed with the amount of submissions and overall quality and it made whittling it down to just the small handful of selectees very difficult.

I can understand that, and sure, I am gutted I didn’t get it. Doing that video and working it that project kept me going through one of the darkest points in my life so I don’t regret it at all. If circumstances beyond my control had been different and I had been able to put more time, effort and mental focus into it earlier could it have been better? Absolutely. But life doesn’t work like that so there isn’t any point dwelling on it.

I really enjoyed making that video though and I want to do more! I already know what game is going to be the focus of my next video and I think I’ll keep expanding on the format I used last time; talking about an element of board gaming as a hobby and using one game in particular as a focal point.

I’d like to say I’ll get that done this month and shoot for a monthly release schedule in general for videos going forward, but the one thing worse than not having a schedule is having one and breaking it, so it’ll be out when it’s out.

Okay, so they were the only two bits of REAL news today; but when I sent a message to a friend earlier on that ended up being the inspiration for this post included a couple of others so let me tell you that silly story.

I still play Pokemon Go, I walk around a lot for work and am always in different places so it’s just a silly bit of fun for me. I’m in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth quite a lot though and am very friendly with a lot of my customers down there. It turns out lots of them still play the game too and have added me to their friends lists. So today, while I was down there one of them informed me of a five star raid about to happen. I joined in with them, taking a short break from work, and between five of us from a few different shops, we managed to beat it with a few seconds to go.

Everyone else proceeded to catch their fancy legendary thingy but when it came to me, that dumbass looking dragon or whateverthefuck just wouldn’t stay in the damn ball! What a rip.

So yeah, good news and bad news. Ha!

Wow, I’ve been writing this while doing my work out this evening as I got home a bit later than normal and didn’t want to use up too much of my night. Multitasking! Check me out!

I’m like, twenty minutes into my half hour ride though, crazy.

I’ve got the rest of the weeks posts all planned out already and I think they should all be pretty good, so look forward to that! Tomorrow’s might be a little late, just to let you know now though. It depends on how the night goes.


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