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Finding Your Joy

I was talking to a friend last week and they were saying they were bored with a lot of things and it was making them unhappy.

The advice I had to give was to try new things and to find their joy.

Hobbies are really important. I’ve discovered this more and more over the past few months and years even.

I’m not just talking about watching movies, tv, playing video games or even reading. Everyone does that stuff to a certain extent.

You need to find something that is yours. They you can get really invested in and are passionate about. If you share it with someone else, cool, fine, whatever, but it shouldn’t necessarily be about that. It needs to be something that even if there’s no one else around you can do and really enjoy doing at any point.

A lot of people turn their hobbies into work or careers; that’s fine too, to an extent, but having something totally separate from that is also important I think. Finding your joy should be something you do when you want a break from the more mundane aspects of life.

I write about a lot of mine, obviously, but the writing itself is one of the biggest and most important to me. Sure, I would absolutely love to get paid to write, but even if I never am, I can’t see myself stopping. I enjoy it too much. I’ve been weirdly buzzing about this weeks content that I’m putting out. Completely by chance I was putting together a list of things I wanted to hit and I realised I was alternating days between posts like this; what I would consider to be more personal writing, and more feature style posts like yesterday’s about a card game or Monday’s about a video game. The juxtaposition keeps it interesting for me.

I really believe if you have one or two things you’re passionate about you’ll find every thing else, all the stresses, worries and crap that happens to us all is a lot more bearable.

Oh, I didn't have any good pictures on hand that fit todays post so I just wanted to share these weird looking flipz I picked up. What the fuck is 'purple fudge anyway?" I had a really great night last night too. I'm set for the rest of this week but maybe I'll write about it next week.

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